Green winter night

November is said to be the cloudiest month in Finland, well finally after many missed storms clear sky and northern lights met each other. My wife was in Zumba-exercise and me and my 2-year old boy were at home when the lights came. All I can say thanks Homer Simpson for letting me go outside for 5 minutes to say hi to my green friend :D

Luckily the show went on and nine a clock I was running in deep snow and opening my tripod at the same time in Lake Utkujärvi. The show was... it was just amazing!

Look at the images and youll see what I mean


Comment from: Jane Torill Mala Fostervoll [Visitor] Email
Jane Torill Mala FostervollAmazing !!!
11/08/12 @ 12:35
Comment from: David Lowe [Visitor]
David LoweHave been eagerly awaiting some new pictures for 2012, and these are great. Can't wait for more ! Still clearly remember our January 31 trip, and great to see some images from that night are still on the Blog - I'll never forget my first Northern light experience, and am thinking about the next ! Keep taking those great shots !
11/12/12 @ 16:07

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