Bye bye polar night!

Polar night is over, almost. Sun barely stays above the horizon. But these precious few hours bring the variety of colours in the sky. Absolutely amazing!
Few days back we had really good luck with the weather. Small open area in the horizon, where sun can shine and rest of the sky was filled with bumpy cloud layer.
This created the most red ever sky!

On the opposite side of the sun red stripe shined on the mountains. But too bad I was half an hour too late. But luckily the red stripe keeps on rising on the sky.

I also had the chance to do some light painting with steel wool. It's much easier with more light! Usually camera settings with steel wool is around

f/22, 60sec exposure and ISO 100 With this there's no chance to get anything from the night sky.

The only way to get both was to increase the exposure time and decrease the spinning time of the wool. So I used:

f/3,5 120 sec exposure and ISO 1600 I spinned the wool quite gently and only for 10 seconds. That way it didn't effect the 120 sec exposure too long and it stayed in good balance



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Comment from: Mary Lou Rounds [Visitor]
Mary Lou RoundsAbsolutely amazing. Wonderful pictures. thank you..
01/13/13 @ 09:00

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