Dark nights

First snow has finally arrived to Muonio! Lakes have more than 10 cm of ice and nights are dark again after the full moon. Conditions for photography are really nice at the moment! Lakes have few centimeters of snow and it's clear! No snowmobile tracks, footprints, anything. For night photos conditions are also good, moon rises at 01:20 and it's 40% full. It means dark evenings and lots of stars! Two useful links to follow the moon phase. Sky view cafe is really handy to check from which direction moon rises and when. It also shows sunrise, sunset, dusk, dawn times for the chosen day. Auroral activity is quite low at the moment, but theres always some colour in the sky. Usually best time for auroras is 20:00-23:00 which suits well for me :) Here's a link to Sodankylä magnetometer, which shows real time data from Magnetic field change aka. auroras.
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